Colour analysis is a great place to start making a difference on how you look. It takes the guesswork out of choosing colour, ensuring that the colours you buy make you look radiant. Our aim is to find the colours that you can wear, not the colours that wear you.

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you – Coco Chanel

What to expect during your consultation

• The consultation starts with a discussion about your needs and lifestyle, a cuppa and a slice of homemade cake or biscuit!

• Taking into consideration your hair and eye colour and skin tone I analyse your colouring using specific coloured drapes of fabric.  I will show you what the right and wrong colours do to your complexion. This anaylsis determines the colours that will be put into your personalised pallette.

• During the session I will apply make-up in your perfect shades, showing you which colours work best for you, how to apply it and how to change it from day to night. If you don’t like much make-up or you have never been able to find a lipstick that suits you then you will find out why, as it’s often down to your colouring and style personality.

• After your make-up application I take you through all your colours on your pallette, showing you how amazing you look in your colours.  I will show you which colours are your ‘signature colours’, these are the ones that intensify your hair, eyes or skin, but also how to wear them to your best advantage.

I don’t expect you to remember them all!  You will be given a handy wallet with all 42 of your personal colours in, so you can take it shopping with you.

Benefits for you

Shopping will be so much less stressful – You will always gravitate towards the right colours that make you look radiant and you can rely on your own judgement, rather than that of a shop assistant, that you like it, it flatters you and you will get good wear out of it.

Save lots of money – Be patient and you will soon identify the items that are perfect for you, that will give you brilliant pound per wear value. You will be less likely to make rash buying decisions that you later regret. Remember, it’s only a bargain if it suits you!

More free time – As you hold your pallette out in the doorway of the shop, you can see straight away if your colours are available in the store. It saves you so much time if you can see that your colours aren’t in the shop – move on to the next one! Some shops won’t have bright colours, while others won’t have soft muted ones. Remember, certain times of the year will be easy to find warmer or cooler tones. When you see items in your signature colours, grab them as they may not be in the shops next season.

COST: £150
DURATION: 1-2 hours
YOU WILL RECEIVE: 42 personalised colour swatch wallet