The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural. – Calvin Klein


• Have you been following the same make-up routine for years?
• Have you avoided make-up because you are not sure how to apply it?
• Are you intimidated by the make-up counter girls in the department store?
• Have you a drawer full of make-up but never wear it but can’t bear to throw it out?
• Do you find finding the perfect foundation shade difficult?
• Are you looking at your reflection and noticing the shadows and lines more than you did before?
• Would you like to feel more confident, but don’t which colours suit you?

What to expect during your masterclass

In this workshop you will find out why some make-up makes you look like a doll, rather than enhancing your natural beauty.

  • We will cover skin care, up-to-date techniques, which brushes to buy and what to avoid.
  • I will prescribe your perfect colours for your colour type, making make-up mistakes a thing of the past.
  • You will be applying your own make-up each step of the way, so you can replicate the skills you learn in the class again at home.
  • We will uncover your relationship with make-up, so that I can tailor the look personally to you.

All our make-up is paraben and cruelty free and is made in the UK. The products we use will be in available for you to buy, if you wish.

You may also buy additional make-up items directly from my shop.

COST: £60/person
DURATION: 90 mins
YOU WILL RECEIVE: A make-up record sheet