It’s not size that matters, it’s style

You like to make an effort with how you look, but you’re not sure your getting it right?

I constantly used to ask my husband ‘do I look ok?’, needing reassurance.  He’d usually reply, without even looking at me, that I looked ‘fine’. It wasn’t very reassuring!

When you are in a shop, the shop assistant often says you look great in everything you try on, so they are no help either! Thank goodness the days of commission on clothing sales is rare now a days but even so, they are terrified of insulting you, so they can never give you truly honest feedback. Or they are looking at the item they are selling, and not seeing the effect of that item on your overall body shape.

You usually know, deep down, if something doesn’t feel right but without the knowledge of why, it will keep happening again and again. This is why it’s so useful to have impartial advice.

What to expect during your style consultation

  • In your style consultation we initially have an in-depth chat about how clothes make you feel, what your main concerns are and which areas you would like to address. I have many tips and tricks to make the most of your assets and camouflage your more challenging areas.
  • I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire which helps me establish what sort of ‘style personality’ you have. We all have an idea of what we feel comfortable in. It might be fitted and structured but not too revealing, a loser fit where comfort is the main driver, tight and body forming, or feminine and flirty. The questionnaire gives me the insight into this area your personality which dictates where, how and why you shop. It can be very revealing and can often unlock your own struggles with your sense of style, making things so much clearer.
  • We then discuss your body shape, always remembering that it’s not size that matters, it’s style. Proportions, scale and height are also very important factors in looking great, so you will be shown clever ways to create the illusion of a balanced body, if you don’t have one naturally. You will get advice about the right patterns, cuts, fabrics, accessories and details and how to pull it all together along with a list of the shops that are most likely to stock the style of clothes you are drawn to.
  • You will bring some outfits from home, some of which you never wear. We will then use these to start putting the theory you have learnt into practice.

To get the full benefit of a style consultation I would highly recommend having your colours done first. It doesn’t matter how fab the cut or style is if the colour overpowers you or makes you look ill!  Everything discussed will be put into your style report which I email to you as a PDF. It means that you can have it with you, on your phone, whenever you shop.

Benefits for you

Save lots of money – One of my clients rang me and said, ‘Emma, you have ruined my life, I’ve been shopping, and I can’t find anything!’ In fact, she had learnt not to impulse buy. There will be days you can’t find what you are looking for. That’s totally normal as fashion and trends change but luckily, so does the items on offer in the shops from season to season, sometimes even sooner. Be patient and you will soon identify the items that are perfect for you, that will give you brilliant pound per wear value.

• More free time – No more drifting from one shop to another, aimlessly trying to find what you are looking for. You’ll have a much better idea of what you want and where you’re going to buy it from. You might even do some research online before you even leave the house!

• Shopping will be so much less stressful – You will always gravitate towards the right clothes that make the most of your figure and you will know which shops to avoid because they rarely have your style clothes.

COST: £150
DURATION: 1-2 hours