Spend less, wear more!

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time

This is so true.  We go through life buying clothes and shoes and we keep stuffing it all into our wardrobes to the point of not really knowing what is in there.  It’s easier to ignore it than face it on your own.

What to expect during a Wardrobe Management session

  • During a wardrobe cleanse I come to your house and we will go through all your items together, firstly finding out which items ‘spark joy’.
  • I will help you sort out which things you look great in and how to pull outfits together with the things you have and identify the gaps in your wardrobe.
  • Finally, I will show you how to store your clothes, so you can easily see where everything is.  You will be amazed what was lurking at the back that you love and still looks great on you.  I was trained by Dawna Walter in de-cluttering nearly 20 years ago, so you are in safe hands.

You will be left with a tidy wardrobe, with something hanging in it for every occasion and I can guarantee that you will feel emotionally lighter.  My clients often say that they used to open their wardrobes and never find anything to wear.  They now feel excited about deciding which outfit to wear that day.  It truly makes you value the money you spend on our clothing.

This process takes time, as you will be sorting and trying on items for most of the session.  The time it takes will depend on the number of wardrobes you have and the amount you have in them.

Benefits for you

You will wear more of your clothes rather than less – You will have more room to see what is in your wardrobe making it easier to see what is truly there, as things stuffed in at the back never see the light of day.
Fall in love again – You will find items that you loved but forgot you still owned them.

You will save money – By the process of identifying the gaps you will be less likely to buy items randomly, which have nothing to go with them, so stay hanging in the cupboard.

You will feel lighter -The emotional experience of cleansing your wardrobe is incredibly releasing. Just walking back into your bedroom, knowing the space behind the closed doors is tidy and organised gives you a strange sense of peace. I can’t explain why but I have had this happen to many of my de-cluttering clients over the years.

COST: £60/hour plus travel costs if further than 10 miles from WR8 9EA
DURATION: Minimum of 2 hours – Usually takes 2-4 hours
YOU WILL RECEIVE: An easy to manage wardrobe, photos of outfits and list of gaps to fill.